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Earthvoice Strategies Inc. is a strategic business advice firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We focus on the business case for sustainability by advising business and government on the adoption of profitable sustainable business practices. We believe passionately that "sustainability makes dollars and sense™" Our commitment is to help our clients improve the bottom line while doing the right thing, both environmentally and socially.

We help organizations identify sustainability issues, offer practical and experienced advice and provide financial, planning, business development and implementation solutions.

Corporate reputation and brand are strategic assets

Intangibles, such as corporate reputation, brand, stakeholder relations and human capital, are becoming increasingly important factors in the market valuation assigned by financial markets1. Companies need innovative approaches to integrate environmental and social responsibility into their business decisions.Earthvoice Strategies provide a fresh perspective, as well as broad knowledge and experience in business case development, business development, strategic planning, and financial modeling.

1 Research in the U.S. and Europe demonstrates that between 50% and 90% of a company's market value and 35% of institutional investors' portfolio allocation decisions are based on intangibles. Environmental Management Initiative, Clear Advantage: Building Shareholder Value, 2004.



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