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Earthvoice has broad knowledge and experience in incorporating sustainability practices and providing innovative solutions in business development, business case development, strategic planning, financial modeling and market trials.We also provide services in consulting, research, education and training.


Financial Models
Earthvoice provides business case advice and develops customized financial models to deliver cost-effective, executable and successful sustainability programs. These innovative models include operations review, risk analysis and management, financial review and due diligence.

Detailed Reporting
Detailed reporting on the financial impact of implementing sustainability programs provides you with a foundation and knowledge that support your strategic planning and decision making processes now and in the future.


Business Models
Building powerful new business models and embedding them in profitable business plans requires experienced counsel and leadership, collaborative exchanges of ideas and a sound, well-developed strategic plan.

Stakeholder Relations
One of the key advantages of incorporating sustainability into your plans is improved stakeholder relations, leading to an edge in retaining and gaining permission to operate from citizens, communities and governments.


Strategic Advantage
Growing awareness of the importance of incorporating sustainability into our daily lives is creating a demand for new goods and services and reshaping demand for existing ones. Organizations that seize the opportunity of responding to these demands will gain a strategic advantage.

Analyze Opportunities
Earthvoice can assist you in analyzing the business development opportunities the sustainability shift offers to your organization. We can also assist in developing a plan to pursue them.


Management Tools & Services
Once we have developed a comprehensive, customized strategic plan for your business, we commit to helping you deliver it. In implementing your business plans, we advise on priorities, timelines, and specific areas in need of attention. We develop initiatives and provide the management tools and services for successful implementation.

Working collaboratively with your company, we use your strategic knowledge and operating practices to full advantage to implement your business plan. Directly involving your management and employees ensures buy-in and ownership of the plan, two key components for success.